Don't let your small business eat up your 2013

If you are looking to streamline your small business, leaving you free to enjoy your leisure time, we?re here to help. Find Business Accountants Adelaide If you?re a small business owner, you?re likely to be juggling a whole host of responsibilities all by yourself.

This will ensure you don?t miss anything, find it easy to keep track of correspondence and ensure you?re not distracted by more than one task at a time. However, cutting down your time on the net can actually help you make significant time savings. Try it and you?re likely to find you do a barely half-decent job on both counts and take just as much time as two separate tasks would have taken in the first place.

“The Harvest team have taken the pain out of tracking time so you can concentrate on the important things. Any business that needs to track time could find Harvest useful. How Harvest works with Xero Once connected, Harvest creates an invoice in Xero when an invoice is marked as sent in Harvest. Harvest and Xero have slightly different tax rate setups, so make sure the correct tax rate is applied when you view the invoice in Xero.”

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